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Company Registration in Coimbatore

Starting own company is a lifetime dream for many. People who wish to provide shape to their business skills can go ahead with starting a company with legal procedures. Company Registration in Coimbatore is much easier than before with SV Consultant.

Choosing the right business entity is more important to get started with the business. The right people with appropriate company registration knowledge could only be the solution. SV Consultant will help you in identifying the right platform whether you can choose public limited or private limited company according to your business line.

Before starting a company registration, you must accompany some of the required documents. Since company registration is a legal process, these documents are mandatory to carry along.

Company Registration Procedures

What are the procedures will be provided by SV Consults under Company Registration in Coimbatore?

Director’s Identification Number which is shortly known as DIN is the second procedure for Company Registration.

Thirdly there should be a unique and catchy name provided as your business name. Usually, SV Consultant recommend two-three names to be as your business name so that it could be easier for getting ROC’s company name approval.

With the Certificate of incorporation procedure, which must be approved by the Registrar of Companies. For this step, SV Consultant will be the caretaker to provide the all essential Charter documents that may include E-forms and other files. By filing those files will be moving to the Incorporation sector.

Creating PAN and TAN for the company would be the last thing. We would be aware of PAN but TAN seems to be an unusual word but TAN is commonly known as Tax Deduction Account Number.

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