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Import Export code Registration

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Import Export code Registration in Coimbatore

Imports and exports are the major economic deciders of a country. Import and export code is known in short as IEC. All the business firms which take a part in doing import and export stuff must have them registered in IEC registration. It is a general custom of law procedure followed in our country so it is simply oriented with the legal procedures and guidelines.

An IE business is not an easy task as it deals with different currencies and regulations. Each country will hold its own tax classification for these sorts of businesses. So, whether it is an online business or face to face every IE business firms must comply with proper IE code registration. SV Consultant can help with registering your business IE code.

Who will be responsible for providing registration in IE code?

Ministry of commerce and industry, Directorate ger of foreign trade DGFT and government of India they are primary and secondary approvers of IE code each and every business entity in India.

How will they process an IE code registration?

It is a 15-20 days process, which will need an applicant to start it. An applicant of an IE business can submit an application to Directorate ger of foreign trade DGFT. Submitting valid business documents are also more important to get it done. Once the documents are submitted, the DGFT team will review, evaluate and will provide you with a registration number for IE code.

What is the validity and eligibility for IE code registration?

You may be a single owner for your business or partners running an import and export process – you are eligible to apply for an IE code registration. A stress-free point can be added here is its validity, usually, every registration will need to renew or reapply with a certain month or year intervals. But in the case of IE code, it will not require any renewal or re-apply. Once it is created it will last as long as you own the IE business.

For more details about the use of Import Export Code Registration n Coimbatore, you can feel free to contact SV Consultant Coimbatore.

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